Looniversity Daze is the 42nd broadcast episode and 10th production episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. Contents [ show ] Wraparounds Buster and Babs welcome the viewers in song and show them what a typical day in Acme Looniversity is like. Among their first stops is the principal’s office, where they tell the viewers they don’t want to end up there. In the second act, it is Buster and Babs tell the viewers that while most of the students have lunch in the cafeteria, Bookworm , as the smartest student in class, has his lunch at the Looniversity Library. In the third act, Buster and Babs tell the viewers about the Looniversity faculty, including Pete Puma the Janitor, and Foghorn Leghorn , who assigns his students surprise pop quizzes. He constantly disrupts Sam’s class, and Sam threatens to send the culprit to the principal’s office. Buster replaces his apple with a pineapple, and when he returns to his desk, Sam is there, as he found out Buster is the culprit. He sends Buster to the Principal’s office, and Buster reluclantly obeys him. Plucky is outside, as he has overheard.

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Comments If you grew up in the ’80s and are a self-proclaimed geek, then it’s likely that at least one of the films by director Joe Dante has had a seminal impact on your cinematic sensibilities. Be it Gremlins, Explorers, The ‘Burbs or Innerspace, Dante’s career behind the camera fills an IMDb page of these and even more classics that are still influencing Hollywood’s talent today. Join us for the illuminating conversation

Flash games, starred bugs bunny has after are bugs bunny – looney tunes comics monthly looney tunes show fandub! Posts about how to do s and don’ts. Filter by released by learn about the cartoon 1 of the convenience of do’s and levene had news dating do’s and abbott costello.

Problem Beverly Hills, California, Day: Daffy wearing a white western plaid shirt, black pants and black Sneaker shoes digs around Bugs’ CD binder while Bugs wearing a dark brown short sleeve shirt, blue pants and black converse shoes drives up to the Mansion. It’s a large, two-story mansion that is part of a small ranch. Bugs drove up to the gate, it automatically swung open. They drive through the driveway and stops. Bugs turns off the ignition and they both got out.

They walk to the front door and ring the bell. Bugs tries to feel composure, his energy is nervous and manic. Daffy turns to him and notice the nervous look. Bugs nodded and clears his throat. Daffy shrugged his shoulder and turns back to the door.

How to Make a Good Looney Tunes Movie

Hint Answer The music heard over the title cards is an original composition by Milt Franklyn. A favorite of Eric Goldberg and his family references a door-to-door sales method dating back to days of the ‘Yankee Peddler’ and the contemporaneous direct-selling tactics for Kirby vacuum cleaners, Fuller brushes, etc. There is a goof in this where the window by the door is smashed in the process but in the next scene, it is intact This wonderfully zany cartoon features live army footage.

Mel Blanc is referenced as the Man of a thousand voices, saying it’s only voices Jones doctored their timecards to read that they were working on Road Runner cartoons for an extra two weeks so they could continue working on this short passed the 5 week limit This was the first time the Bugs Bunny cartoon credited Warner Bros.

Cartoons as producer after Leon Schlesinger had sold the studio to WB the final appearance of Daffy Duck in black and white. This was a parody of Dick Tracy This is the 3rd cartoon to have Pepe in a new location It was released theatrically on October 1,

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The Profanity Filter is ON. Turn it off here. His personality and appearance were fine-tuned by Tex Avery in the four cartoons he made with the character, and was extended and perfected by Friz Freleng and Chuck Jones in the ensuing years. Over were made between his first appearance in and the last theatrical cartoon in His heyday started during the war years and extended well into the s.

He was also pitted against one-off characters, a couple of which appear on this disc. He comes up against Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in a quite good cartoon, and Hazel the witch in what must rank as one of Chuck Jones’ lesser efforts, at least in terms of plot and comedic quality. While there are a couple of classics on this disc, the standard of the cartoons is variable. While the animation may be excellent, sometimes the storylines do not live up to that standard. The bulk would have been made by Friz Freleng, but there were also many by Jones and the less well regarded Robert McKimson, who always seems to be a hack worker by comparison, by which I mean he seemed to lack the spark and style of his more celebrated colleagues.

That being said, his work is still of high quality, as can be seen from the examples included here.

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The big-head Sigma is all in the Alpha’s way. Joining a Black Greek Letter Organization is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Nowhere is this time more exciting than at historically black colleges. Co-eds discuss their knowledge about the organizations, their processes, and which if any interest them. Freshman students unfamiliar with the phenomenon gaze with curiosity as the varying groups go back and forth like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck: As a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, I remember this time vividly, both as an Alpha and as an aspirant expressing interest.

This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, .

How to Make It as a Cartoonist Here’s how the world’s favorite cartoon rabbit came to be. There were cutesy rabbits and wacky rabbits , but those rabbits aren’t Bugs. One distinction, Jones explained, was that Bugs’ craziness always serves a purpose—in contrast to the unhinged Daffy Duck. The Wild Hare bunny is uncredited, though that changed before the year was up. Bugs was an instant star. Mel Blanc, who voiced the character, later claimed that the name was his idea, saying that they were going to call the character Happy Rabbit, but that Blanc suggested naming him after animator Ben “Bugs” Hardaway.

Alternatively, the name is sometimes traced to a sketch that designer Charles Thorson did on Hardaways’ request, with the caption “Bugs’ bunny”—as in, it was the bunny that Bugs had asked him to draw. As these images from the late artist’s archives show, Bugs Bunny may have taken a long time to be born—but he sure has aged well. But those pastry-based dishes weren’t the desserts we tend to think of today.

Instead, they were overwhelmingly savory dishes. And for good reason: Even apple pies didn’t used to look the way they do now: These pre-Revolutionary prototypes were made with unsweetened apples and encased in an inedible shell.

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We want to send out a big thanks to the original authors of this masterpiece. Much love from the MyTinySecrets Team. This is one rare customer and she knows it.

Dating Do’s and Don’ts: How to Be a “Mr. Good-Date” is a Webtoons cartoon. Contents[show] Plot Bugs Bunny has a date with Lola Bunny, but her overprotective dad tries to find a way to get rid of him. Meanwhile Elmer Fudd tries to keep Bugs out of his sight using his backyard security system.

I’ve always loved cartoons, and I always will. I’m even studying animation as we speak, trying to learn how to do the magic stuff that those wacky Warner animators cranked out for so many years. Well, there’s a whole lot of that on this CD set, and it makes me very happy say that like Droopy. Ahh, the Swing Era. Gotta love that horn-playin’ jazz, yes sir.

The first of this two disc set opens with the complete soundtrack to “Book Revue,” One of Bob Clampett’s earlier directing efforts, which features Daffy Duck as what looks like a Hollywood zoot-suiter, curly and blond like Danny Kaye. You know that when a toon contains both bits of “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven and a Daffy rendition of “La Cucaracha”, it’s a wild one.

I didn’t and later on Disc 2, you can hear Daffy sing the words to it in “Daffy and Porky: Now, to me, the Bunny is tops, without equal in the cartoon world. My only complaint about this CD comes in this series; the version of “Someone’s Rockin’ My Dreamboat” isn’t the version I remember best; it’s quiet and subdued. The one that rings through my head is much more boisterous. You can’t have everything.


With his fiery, irascible temper, short stature in two early gags in Hare Trigger, a train he is attempting to rob passes right over top of him and he has to use a set of portable stairs to get on his horse; in Bugs Bunny Rides Again , he rides a miniature horse , and fiery red hair, Sam was in some ways an alter-ego of Freleng. The animator often denied any intentional resemblance. However, in the Looney Tunes Golden Collection , surviving members of his production crew assert, and the late director’s daughter acknowledges, that Sam definitely was inspired by Freleng.

When he does a “slow burn” and cries “Oooooh!

Dating Do’s and Don’ts is a instructional film designed for American high schools, to teach adolescents basic dating skills, produced by Coronet Instructional Films and directed by Gilbert Altschul with the assistance of Reuben Hill, Research Professor of Family Life at the University of North Carolina.

While he pursues Bugs Bunny his distractibility consistently proves to be his undoing, confirming that attention deficit is also present. Clearly ADHD is present of the predominantly hyperactive impulsive type, diagnostic code Moving on to Daffy Duck, the diagnosis of paranoia immediately takes wing. This whining, overbearing, insecure creature must surely be more pitied than blamed. He has strong goal-seeking behavior, and yet his poor social skills and outbursts of temper often sabotage his success.

Daffy thinks the world is out to get him. This behavior consistently alienates him form others, only further aggravating his paranoid ideation. Clearly he has had some bad experiences as a duckling. Label him paranoid personality disorder, cluster A, diagnostic code Yosemite Sam manifests a pervasive pattern of disregard for the rights of others.

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September 20, Warner Bros. More than two decades after Space Jam opened at the top of the U. The kooky film didn’t take itself too seriously, playing on its star’s failed attempt at a baseball career following his first retirement from the NBA in , and introduced a new generation to Danny DeVito. Before the sequel heads into production in , look back on 15 ways the family-friendly classic hit ’em high. The studio was searching for the perfect way to re-launch the Looney Tunes franchise—and Space Jam was born.

Bugs bunny dating dos and donts of Ethics for Finance Professionals. But I never called him; I just waited and wondered. I always go by the mantra A woman is like a .

Compared to her “trophy girl” personality in Space Jam, her personality differs greatly in this show, being shown as somewhat less intelligent, more clueless to her surroundings and situations, talks abnormally fast, and tends to obsess over Bugs. This particular version of Lola was met with a mixture of praise and criticism. This version of Lola maintain her Looney Tunes Show appearance and personality. Like her older counterpart, she has tomboyish traits and an affinity for basketball.

Lola is also much more childlike and emotional in her personality. Other appearances include her role as the reporter in the direct-to-video film Tweety’s High-Flying Adventure. She was also a news reporter in the game Looney Tunes: Space Race also in Her lines in Space Race are “And their off”, and “Hello is this thing on? She seems to have inherited her ancestor’s athletic prowess and general witty and no-nonsense attitude along with her seductive charm.

Lola Bunny was also featured in a webtoon on looneytunes. Entertainment Wiki has an article focusing on the relationships of Lola Bunny.

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